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「青少年職場初探」 - 現身說法系列活動報導 
  Initial Career Exploration for Youth Program

警察生涯面面觀 :安省警備總署警官張雙勇專訪 ─ 曾筠婷 
Touch of Police Career : Interview - Detective Constable Edward Chong of OPP by Diana Tseng

His dream was always to become a cop,but Detective Constable Edward Chong never thought it would be for the Ontario Provincial Police. 

Working for the OPP since 1995, Chong admits that over a decade ago, he’d never even heard of the unit for which he now works.  Today he is part of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission located at Dundas and Yonge Streets in downtown Toronto.  
1995年加入OPP,目前在位於多倫多 Dundas / Yonge 街的酒牌及賭牌管理局工作的張雙勇坦承十年前他根本沒聽過這份職務。

“Many people think of the OPP as the [highway] 401 and radar gun,” he says. He takes it upon himself to educate people of the Greater Toronto Area about the OPP.  From dealing with violence, to homicide, drugs and speeding, he says the Provincial police force does everything, for which the Toronto Police is known.   
「很多人以為 OPP 就只是在 401高速公路上用雷達抓超速。」張雙勇說。因此他現在的工作也包括教育大多倫多地區的民眾認識 OPP。 就跟多倫多的警察一樣,OPP 的警務工作從暴行、謀殺、吸毒到抓超速,樣樣都來。

“We’re just more dispersed.”  This quality, according to Chong, allows the OPP to have more resources in facilitating and patrolling all aspects of law enforcement across Ontario. 

As dispersed and flexible the OPP is, Chong himself seems to embody these attributes.   
而OPP 警務工作的多樣化及機動性,讓張雙勇很能發揮所長。

Born in Malaysia to Chinese parents and immigrating to Canada at the age of 14, Chong can fluently speak English and a few Chinese dialects: Mandarin, Cantonese and Hakka.  Chong believes that because of his background and language skills, he has been given opportunities to experience and investigate a wide range of cases, from kidnappings, to cheating gamblers.   
出生於馬來西亞,十四歲來加拿大的張雙勇會說流利的英語及數種中國話,像國語,廣東話及客家話等。 他相信他的背景及語言能力讓他有更多機會參與調查工作,從綁票到賭博詐欺等都有。

Because of his language abilities, Chong reminisces about a case he helped solve.  About a year ago, Chong was brought in for suspect interview and translation in Chinese.  The case involved the kidnapping and homicide of an executive from a private boarding school in GTA.   

“This case really opened my eyes,” he says.  Chong believes the killers, who were students of the school, had little remorse.  “They were after the money. Sad part was, these kids didn’t need the money.”

After three days of interviews and translation, Chong succeeded in getting confessions from the killers.   

Chong’s twin brother, Sergeant Dominic Chong, also an OPP officer, benefits from his background and language skills as well.  For six years, Dominic has been working for the Asian Crime Investigation unit of the OPP.  He investigates Asian crimes and supports Asian victims and families.   
張雙勇的雙胞胎哥哥,張雙智也是安省警官,同樣受惠於背景及語言能力。 六年來張雙智一直在安省警務處的亞洲犯罪部門任職,他擔任亞裔犯罪偵測及協助受害人跟家屬的工作。

Having joined the force in 1994, it was Dominic who introduced the OPP to Chong.  At the time, Chong was working in Macao as a sales and administrative manager of a garment company.   
張雙智於1994年加入OPP 並推介給當時在澳門成衣公司當營銷經理的弟弟。

Why was Chong doing business in Asia, and how did he, years later, become a Detective Constable for the OPP? 

According to Chong, getting a degree and a sound education were of utmost importance to his parents when he was growing up. In his family, “everybody goes to U of T, and everyone goes to Commerce,” he says.  But he always wanted to be a police officer.   
張雙勇答稱,在他成長過程中,父母對他最大的期望就是接受良好教育,拿到學位。 他家每個人都上多倫多大學,每個人都讀商,但是他始終想當警察。

Chong applied to join the OPP from Macao, and returned to Canada to face initiation exams to enter the ranks.  Chong remembers passing his physical, written and aptitude tests with high scores.   
張雙勇在澳門申請加入OPP,回到加拿大後再參加考試。 他記得他的體能測驗、筆試及性向測驗都拿到高分。

In 1995, Chong was positioned in Kingston, Ont. as a police constable in uniform patrol, what he calls “real police work.”  And three years later in 1998, he was moved to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission, within which he still works, in downtown Toronto.   
張雙勇在京士頓穿上警察制服從事他所說的「真正警察工作」。三年後的1998 年他調到目前的崗位。

According to Chong, it will be another 23 years before he retires.  “I don’t think a career change is in the books.”   
張雙勇說,他還有 23年才退休,「我想我不會再換職業。」

He says the best part of being in the OPP is that the force is not a single field.  Chong admits that when he gets bored of the field he’s now in, he will try others fields – he says fraud investigation seems to be a possibility.  
他說當OPP 警員的最大好處是,工作不是只有單一一項,當他對目前所做的工作感到厭煩時,他可以嘗試不同的工作類別,有可能換成調查詐欺的工作。

Chong believes that in different fields he will encounter other areas of society and be acquainted with a new array of people.  “It’s almost like a new career.” 

Chong encourages people of all age, to consider policing as a rewarding career.

His formula for success is to learning to deal with people at different levels, and says 90 per cent of police work involves interpersonal interactions.  Another part of his equation is the ability to observe and accept all possibilities with an open-mind.   

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