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「青少年職場初探」 - 現身說法系列活動報導 
  Initial Career Exploration for Youth Program

演員生涯面面觀 :希臘露天劇院賞劇、演員答客問
Touch of Arts Career : 1001 Nights and Q & A Workshop

Diana Tseng conducts Q & A Section

L to R 從左到右:
Christine Foster (Playwright, Adm Dir, Producer, Costume, Props, Set)
Lucy Eveleigh (Shemselnihar, Magistrate's wife, Queen, Old Woman, Black Door Queen, Nagging Mother, Chinese Queen, Judar's Mother)
Andrea Moseanu (Dinyazade, Destiny, Rahna, Stubborn Wife, Black Door Princess, Pearl Harvest, Jinni)
Nadia Awad (Sheherazade)

黃文姍 Marisa Huang (Gr 8):   

七月十六號的晚上,在薛老師的帶領之下,一百零一個人來到Guild Inn Garden Park 觀賞『一千零一夜』舞台劇。  『一千零一夜』是述說一個關於一位東方國王的故事,這個國王因為第一個皇后對他不忠,以後決定要一天娶一個皇后,第二天天亮就要把她處死。  有一位皇后想要幫她的國民,想到了一個好法子,就是每天告訴國王一個故事,讓他每次都想要繼續聽,這樣子她自己不會被殺又可以救其他人。  日復一日,這位皇后已說了一千個精彩的故事,而國王除了被深動的故事吸引也愛上這位有愛心的皇后。就在第一千零一個夜晚,國王告訴皇后她自己心中的愛意並取消那殘酷的命令。 


Q: 你們覺得這最有趣的是什麼?

A: 我們覺得故事裡好笑的地方最有趣,比如老太太掉入井的時候…等等。

On the night of the sixteenth of July, under the leadership of Emily, one hundred and one people came to Guild Inn Garden Park to watch Sheherazade and the 1001 Nights, about a western king, whose first wife was not loyal to him, so he decided he will marry each day, and on the second day, kill the queen.  One queen (Sheherazade), wanted to help her people, so she thought of a plan, which was to tell the king a story each day, and so that he will want to listen the next day. This way, her own life will be save, and she can also save other people's lives.  Day after day, this queen told already one thousand exciting stories, and the king has grown to love her.  On the thousand and first night, the king told her that he loved her, and he decided to stop his cruel rule about his marriage. And they lived happily after after.

Q: What do you think is the most exciting and fun thing about this play?

A: We think that the most exciting parts of this play was the funny parts, like the time that the old woman fell in the well? etc.

王千鴻 David Wang (G8):

7月日薛老師帶我捫去看露天話劇『 1001』夜的故事。我覺得那些演員很棒, 才排練短短的時間就演得那麼好。表情和台詞都很強, 讓我跟著高興也跟著笑。我特別喜歡那個演各種角色的那個男主角。希望以後可以再看或看類似的戲。

簡啟偉 Wayne Giang (Gr 11) : 

Q :What is it like performing outside? 

A: The actors said that the area is a lot larger and not as close and intimate as indoor settings. They also stated that when you’re outside there are a lot of things you can’t control such as noises from car alarms, and planes. 

李宇斌 Nathan Lee (Gr 6) :
The play was very good. There were only six actors but there were so many parts to be played. I think the actors worked really hard to express their emotion. I especially liked the story about the mother in the well. My cousin likes the part when people died. My brother likes the mini-funny stories like the thief and the pickpocket.    

簡啟雯 Amanda Giang (Gr 8) :


Q: Where do you get your costumes and props? 

A: Toronto is such a multi-cultural city, I can find most of the costumes and props on the rack in places like Gerrard Street. Most of the stuff we get secondhand, or we recycle props from previous productions. 因為多倫多是一個多元文化的城市,很容易買到戲服和道具,或者我們都是自己做。

麻洋銘 Christopher Ma (Gr 8):

The play was marvelous. With both great acting and a well written storyline, the story of the 1001 nights was told, delightfully entertainingly. 


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